Meet your LHPOA Security Staff…

Meet Larry Johnson, Security Guard at Lake Heritage. Larry has been with the LHPOA Security Staff for 7 years. Larry initially worked at the gatehouse for one year and is now assigned to both vehicle and boat patrol.  Prior to LHPOA Security, Larry worked in the publishing field which encompassed a variety of exciting endeavors including a position as Marketing Director for a book publisher.  Larry was the Expedition Coordinator for the Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition to Mount Everest in Tibet in 1999 and 2001.  Additionally, he co-authored “Ghosts of Everest; the Search for Mallory and Irvine” published in 1999 by Mountaineers Books, Seattle, WA.

Larry’s primary responsibilities while on patrol include house checks and providing assistance to police; medical; and fire emergencies.  Additional duties include traffic enforcement, writing reports, and providing assistance to residents as requested.  When conducting boat patrol, Larry makes sure that safe boating rules are followed and offers assistance when there is a problem.

Larry believes that as a member of the security staff it is important that he is friendly to all residents and guests.  He attempts to give personal attention to everyone he comes in contact with.  On boat patrol, Larry assists stranded boats – he has towed in many.  Larry enjoys working for security because of all the people he has met.

Larry is a native of Gettysburg and has been a resident of Lake Heritage for 28 years. Prior to working at Lake Heritage, he worked out of town and barely knew his neighbors.  Now, he has friends and acquaintances all around the lake.

Off duty, Larry enjoys traveling, rock climbing, hiking, photography, and his fresh water aquarium.  He enjoys speaking to groups, which includes the LHPOA Fishing Club, about his experiences mountain climbing and in particular, climbing Mount Everest.  Larry especially enjoys speaking to school students about following their dreams just as he did.

Larry can be contacted via the LHPOA gatehouse at 717-334-7301.

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