Call for Volunteers to place flags : Memorial Day 2017

Contributed by Webmaster
Memorial Day has deep roots in American History and goes back at least to the Civil War. Originally, this day of commemoration was called Decoration Day. Flags, bunting and all manner of objects colored red, white and blue were draped on every available pole, window ledge and porch rail. It is a time to honor those in service to their country as members of one of the armed forces.
The southern states were reluctant to embrace the holiday for obvious reasons until after World War I. By then the wounds of the Civil War had cicatrized if not healed. It is celebrated in almost every state subsequent to the National Holiday Act of 1971. There is now a national moment of remembrance which is observed at 3 pm local time. Citizens respectful of the sacrifices of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and many others in their country’s service…some now long gone…pause for a moment of silence to listen to Taps.


At Lake Heritage, ever mindful of our good fortune to live such a peaceful and joyful life, we have a brief ceremony to remember what was done on our behalf. Allow me to present this year’s ceremony as a video.



In addition we have organized our own special remembrance by placing flags all along the lake side of Heritage Drive. Phyllis French is again overseeing the placing of American flags along Heritage Drive in honor of Memorial Day.




Flags will be placed all along the lakeside of Lake Heritage at every 50 feet.


The flags will be distributed at 4 pm on Saturday May 27th at the Shady Grove pavilion to all who are interested in helping. You will be given a map indicating the area along Heritage Drive where you should be placing the flags at 50 foot intervals. It is helpful to have two people to do this – one to hold the flags, the other to put them in the ground.


The flags are to be retrieved on Tuesday May 30th at any time on Tuesday but it will be easier to do this during the daylight hours. The flags and the map are to be returned to Phyllis’s home at 85 Meade Drive.


If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis at (410) 569-2547.