Message from the Pool Committee : Life Guards Wanted

Contributed buy the Pool Committee

Dear Fellow Residents, Happy Fall!

Our Pool Committee is in the midst of working to solve a few issues having to do with the end of the season pool hours. I’m sure many of you were aware of the abbreviated hours that the pool was able to be open the last weeks of August leading up to Labor Day. This was primarily due to a shortage of lifeguards. Most of whom returned to school at that time.

As we look forward to next summer we are hoping to find some additional people interested and qualified to be a lifeguard. Perhaps you are a retired person or a stay at home person who would like some extra summer income. For high schoolers that are interested in applying for next summer, the minimum age, set by the American Red Cross for lifeguard certification, is 15.

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in taking a lifeguard class in order to provide the extra coverage needed, please call Stephanie at the Lake Office, 717-334-7242 or send an email to We are willing to help pay any out of pocket expenses to obtain your certification. We are also open to suggestions on other possible solutions to this dilemma.