Microcystin results 07-27-2018 : Advisory included

Contributed by Mike Hanson, Community Manager, and Mike Caywood, Chair of Lake and Dam

The Microcystin results from the samples collected on Monday 7-23-18 are listed below:

  • Lake Heritage LH1 collected near the dam from a well-mixed area: 8.9350 ug/L
  • Lake Heritage from boat ramp cove: 560.00 ug/L

Bill Kirkpatrick
Aquatic Environment Consultants, Inc.

Bill has not been able to find where Pennsylvania or Maryland have established recreational water guidance or action levels for Microcystin, so he is recommending using the Ohio established levels as we have done in the past:

  • For levels above 6 µl/L, Ohio has a Public Health Advisory (PHA)
    • swimming and wading are not recommended, water should not be swallowed, and surface scum should be avoided.
  • For levels above 20 µl/L Ohio has a No Contact Advisory (NCA):
    • recommend the public avoid all contact with the water.

The levels established by Ohio are similar with those of other states that have established action levels.  We will use these same benchmarks for any future reports of test results.

For the open water, well mixed areas of the lake, boating, water skiing, and fishing should not be a problem, but caution should be exercised.  However, areas where the algae are concentrated, most likely in coves and in and around docks, we are recommending:

  • No swimming or contact with water in the shallow areas or where the algae is dense.
  • Keep small children (under 40 lbs.) and dogs out of the water, and
  • Do not eat fish caught in the lake.

The lake will not be closed.

As mentioned in our last notification, Lake Savers will be treating the lake all next week.  We have made arrangements for another test sample to be taken after the treatment on Monday August 6th.

To learn more about Microcystin, watch the youtube below.

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