Mother Goose Comes to Lake Heritage

Contributed by Matt Veridrame

Once upon a time, there was a mother goose with eleven goslings following in her trail along the shore of beautiful Lake Heritage. The goslings were so hungry. They wanted dinner. The mother said. “Well, kids, tonight we can have some delicious cabbage.” “Cabbage?”, they reply, “we’re sick of cabbage.” “I know”, says Mother Goose, “if we fly to Biglerville, we can have a huge bowl of cauliflower leaves and lettuce.” “No, no, no”, they cry. “Biglerville is too far and we had cauliflower leaves and lettuce last night.” Since the ducklings had already said no to carrots and parsnips, the Mother Goose was frantic. “What can I feed my hungry goslings?”, she asks herself.


“Mommy, mommy, what’s this chewy soft green fiber?”, asks one of the goslings. “Do you think it’s edible?” The Mother Goose strains her memory and says, “it’s filamentous algae, a tasty gift from the waters of Lake Heritage!” First one gosling eats the algae. Then, a second eats the algae and before long, they all stuff themselves like geese with this taste sensation, filamentous algae.

The goslings eat till their heart’s content and waddle off behind their mother to spend a quiet night among the reeds. “So, you see”, says the Mother Goose, “algae can be very nutritious and makes a great meal for geese.” And if you don’t believe the story, look at the pictures!

Finally, “Mommy, mommy”, exclaim the eleven goslings, “Daddy is flying in from Canada tonight. He’ll be so hungry when he lands. Do you think that he’ll like filamentous algae?” “Of yes indeed”, explains the patient mother, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”