Neighbor to Neighbor on Volunteer Day

Contributed by Beth Bauer

LHPOA has plans for a Volunteer Day on May 11 from 1-5 PM. Along with community projects, the committee planning the day is reaching out to all our neighbors to determine if we have community members who could benefit from an afternoon of help around their house. If you are someone of a certain age or if you are someone with physical / health constraints, your neighbors in the community would like to offer help.

We may not know who you are, so we are asking you to contact us. Or if you have a neighbor who could benefit from this neighborly help, talk to them and encourage them to get in contact with us. Anyone can call Beth Bauer, chair of the volunteer day, at 201-874-0540. Anyone can also email Beth at You are also welcome to call the LHPOA office at 717-334-7242 and give the office your information.

LHPOA is a caring community. Give us a chance to show it!