New Management System! eUnify

Contributed by the LHPOA Office

It has been in the planning stage for over two years, and now it’s here! As most of us know from the recent emails we received, the office has been busy in January working with the eUnify software company to install their management system uManage.

While the office will be using this system internally, LHPOA members will soon be accessing their own member portal through eUnify. Members will be able to log into All information will be ID and password protected. Initially, a password will be provided by the office, but it can be changed.

There are multiple advantages of the eUnify portal. Members will be able to see all their account information. Members will be able to add their children and pets, upload their car and boat registrations for getting stickers. You can even add a photo! Eventually, the member portal can be used to post classified ads, request a work order, review board minutes, or LHPOA financial information. It is also anticipated that the portal will be used to share announcements with all members.