Newsletter Going Digital in February!

Contributed by Beth Bauer

Newsletter digital beginning 2/2018

Beginning February 1, 2018, the Lake Heritage Newsletter will be delivered digitally to community members. The reason for this is multifaceted. First, the Board expects substantial savings due to the reduction of paper and postage costs. In addition, a paperless newsletter is environmentally friendly. Further, there is a saving in labor hours since labeling, sorting, and mailing the newsletter will no longer be necessary. Most homeowner associations have digital newsletters, and now we will also.

The newsletter will look essentially the same. You will be able to view it on your laptop, iPad or other mobile device. The newsletter will be posted on the website. When this is done, the office will send an email blast to all members with a link directly to the website and the newsletter.

It is suggested that members make an addition to contacts in their email to keep the email blast from going to spam. Simply add to your contact list. For those community members without access to the internet and website, there will be a limited number of paper copies of the newsletter available at the Community Center in an brochure holder outside the office. There will also be a brochure holder with paper copies attached to the bulletin board by the front gate.

If you have not given your email address to the office, please do so by sending it to If you know of a neighbor or friend who has not shared his / her email with the office, encourage them to do so also.

As noted in the last two newsletters, banks do it, newspapers do it, many organizations do it, and now Lake Heritage will do it also. We are going digital!