Oh how I hate to get up in the morning!

Contributed by Webmaster

Joe Richard, a long time Lake Heritage resident, Fishing Club member and videographer, had a good idea. He came to the Fishing Club dinner (always meets on the second Friday of the month) on Friday, August 11, 2017 to film our Pledge of Allegiance. Veterans were front and center in his opus often many dozens of years and tens of pounds out of uniform.

The purpose was to submit the video to TV Channel ABC27 which shows pledges from a wide variety of organizations and uses the videos to begin their programming day. Since the typical citizen is still sleeping at 4:30 am, this pledge may go unnoticed by all but a very few.

If Joe has put all his ducks in a row, Lake Heritage’s Fishing Club will join the ranks of celebrated organizations who now populate ABC27’s pledge webpage as well as initiate their programming on some day in the future.

Here is our video. Enjoy! Interested in Lake Heritage Clubs. Find out about them! LHPOA CLUBS