Overnight Parking : Canoe/Kayak Racks : Boater Safety Course : Lost and Found

Contributed by Stephanie Eckert, Assistant Community Manager

Overnight Parking on Rec Areas
As a reminder, overnight parking is prohibited at any recreational area including the Boat Landing and Shady Grove parking lots. Under certain conditions, such as a newly paved driveway or overnight guests that do not fit in your driveway, you can get approval to park a vehicle there for the night. To obtain permission you MUST call the Gatehouse (717-334-7301) and advise them of your circumstances and provide the vehicle make and license plate.

Canoe/Kayak Racks
Reminder: If you have canoe/kayak on one of the racks on the association rec areas, they must be removed and taken home by December 1st. If they are not removed by December 1st, they will be removed by maintenance and you will have to arrange with the maintenance staff to retrieve them during their hours.

Boater Safety Course
If you read my article last month, you would have seen that there were a number of violations on the lake when the Waterways Conservation Officer patrolled the lake over Labor Day weekend. We want members to have fun and enjoy the lake; however, we want them to be safe as well.
Every year, the Waterways Conservation Officers provides a free boater safety course to our members here. Please take advantage of this opportunity. If you do not have a Boater’s Safety Certificate (which is required for anyone born after January 1, 1982 operating a boat powered by a motor greater than 25 horsepower), this is an opportunity to get one. If you do have it, this is an opportunity for a refresher.
Be safe! Attend the FREE Boater Safety Course! Teenagers are welcome and encouraged to attend as well!

Lost and Found
On a regular basis, things get turned into the office, the gatehouse and the pool guard shack that is found throughout the community. If you have lost an item please call the office, or the gatehouse and inquire if someone turned it in. We have had keys, back packs, fishing poles, a remote control, and various other items turned in. We keep them for several weeks, sometimes months, before finally throwing them out. In some instances, we hate to throw them out! For instance, those key fobs for your vehicles are very expensive, and we have thrown a few out over the years. Check out the photos below for items that are in the office right now looking for their owner! If the items pictured last month are not claimed by November 15th, they will be discarded.