Oversight Committee : November Report

Contributed by Sue Heller, Chair of the Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee oversees the use and improvements made to the Community Center. The Committee meets on an as need basis. The following actions were approved at their meeting on October 29th.

  • Review of the updates to the Lake Heritage Community Center Rental Contract and the Lake Heritage Recreation Area Pavilion (or Sports Field) Reservation Contract. The biggest changes to note are hours of use, additional amount to deposit for use of new media system, and the use of rental furniture is no longer allowed. The Committee wants to remind the membership that a reservation and refundable deposit is required for the use of Shady Grove pavilion. Also, a reservation and refundable deposit is needed for all other pavilions if you wish to guarantee use for a specific date and time. Ways of posting reserved times at pavilions is being investigated.


  • Since the Lake Heritage Community Center Rental Contract states, “The C.C. must be completely vacated and locked by 12 a.m.,” a member submitted an exemption to this rule for an overnight activity for her local Girl Scout Troop. At a previous meeting, the Committee responded back with a list of concerns to be addressed and gave careful consideration at this meeting to the answers provided. The Committee approved the request as long as specific restrictions are followed to protect the new flooring.
  • New Club Storage – The Committee gave the Swim Club shelf space in the new Club Storage for their equipment. After Christmas and the installation of new flooring, the Committee will organize the space and clearly label each of the club’ shelves.

Unless some need arises, the next meeting of the Oversight Committee will be after the holidays.