“Pace Car” Program

Members of the Lake Heritage Community have, over the years expressed concern regarding the speed at which other members and guests drive on our roads.

One method to calm speeding, which has been successful in many cities across our nation, is the “Pace” Car Program.

The Pace Car Program is an innovative member-based program being instituted by the LHPOA Board of Directors that is designed to calm traffic on our roadways. The program is modeled after similar programs that have been successfully implemented in US cities. By signing the Pace Car Pledge and displaying the Pace Car placard, LHPOA members set the pace for safer association roadways.
How does it work?
Members take the Pace Car Pledge and agree to:
• Drive within the speed limit on all LHPOA roadways
• Stop at all stop signs
• Stop to let pedestrians cross the street
• Be courteous to bicyclists and walkers/runners
• Display the Pace Car placard

Members who take the pledge are asked to display a Pace Car placard on the rear of their vehicle to let other motorists know that they are a Pace Car and to “Follow Me…Slow The Speed.” Pace Car placards are available at the LHPOA office.
Since Pace Car participants follow speed limits, vehicles driving behind a Pace Car must also obey the speed limit. If enough LHPOA members take the pledge and become Pace Cars, then speeding motorists are slowed and Lake Heritage becomes a safer community. The Board of Directors encourages all members to become Pace Cars participants!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a new program or is it used elsewhere?
This program has been used successfully in communities in the U.S., Australia and several regions in Canada.

When are Pace Cars “out there?”
Pace Cars are not on the roads at designated times. They don’t sign up on a schedule. They don’t take turns monitoring morning or afternoon traffic. People who sign up as Pace Cars simply drive the speed limit and follow the rules of the road whenever they are out and about in our community.

It’s too hard driving the speed limit.
It can be hard driving the speed limit but those who sign on as Pace Cars are promising to try. As Pace Car drivers they have the added bonus of their Pace Car Placard which serves as a constant reminder to them to try to follow the speed limit.

I’m afraid I’ll speed and embarrass myself or get in trouble.
Displaying a Pace Car placard in your car is simply an indication you are trying your best to follow the rules of the road.

I don’t need a placard. I already drive the speed limit.
That’s great and there should be more of you. However displaying your Pace Car placard and joining the program shows other members you care about how you drive, shows your commitment to safer roads in our community and that YOU are willing to do our part.

This program was adopted by the Lake Heritage Board of Directors
on February 11th 2015