Photos in slide show courtesy of Bill Sherman and others. Pictures of our First Annual Volunteer Day, Saturday, May 11, 2019. Teams in images painted, planted, perspired and persevered to make Lake Heritage ship shape.

From peaceful evenings on a quiet lake, to the excitement and sounds of our annual regatta! Lake Heritage becomes your home and your favorite vacation spot. Cradled in the Susquehanna Valley in South Central Pennsylvania. A community of friends and families working together for the common good.

Click here to see our Comprehensive Weather Station courtesy of Dan Tapper located on the shoreline of Lake Heritage.

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Added May 17, 2019 Contributed by Webmaster | How to Create an eUnify Login : 3 minute video | Received May 17, 2019

Added May 15, 2019 Contributed by Karen Reed | The Women’s Club Plant Sale | Received May 15, 2019

Added May 15, 2019 Contributed by Justen Carr | New Swings at The Point Playground | Received May 15, 2019

Added May 14, 2019 Contributed by Peter Vogel | An Invitation To Join the Technology and Communication Committee | Received May 14, 2019

Added May 13, 2019 Contributed by Beth Bauer | VOLUNTEER DAY 2019 | Received May 13, 2019

Added May 12, 2019 Contributed by Ernie Clevinger | 19th ANNUAL EMERSON-GREENHOLT FAMILY FISHING MARATHON | Received May 10, 2019

Added May 12, 2019 Reported by Karen Reed | Lake Heritage’s 4th of July “All-You-Can-Eat” Breakfast | Received May 10, 2019

Added May 5, 2019 Contributed by Webmaster | eUnify is Up and Running | Received May 5, 2019

Added April 27, 2019 Contributed by Ila Verdirame | Fishing Club Cleans Up the Baltimore Pike | Received April 27, 2019

Added April 9, 2019 Contributed by Michael Caywood | Riparian Buffer Planting Project | Received April 9, 2019

Added April 8, 2019 Reported by Stephanie EckerFamily Safety Day : May 19 | Received April 8, 2019



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