Peter Vogel

Name: Peter Vogel

Street Address: 959 Johnson Dr

Town/City: Gettysburg

State: PA

Lot number: 959

Personal Background:

Resided at Lake Heritage since 1980.
Retired in 2012 after 34 years as a Training Specialist for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). While there I designed and developed training programs on community emergency planning, response, recovery and mitigation. developed training for the National Flood Insurance Program.
Since retirement I am a contributing photographer for the Gettysburg Times, and serve as the Communication Chair of the Adams County Democratic Committee and do contract Teaching in the area of media relations and skills.
Interests include photography, movies, TV, attending sporting events, politics, sailing, art and music.

Education (Optional):
Ohio University 1974 BFA
University of Washington 1977 MEd.


There are three things that I want for our community:
1. Improve transparency from the Board to the members.
2. Lower the dues by cutting extravagant spending and unnecessary employees.
3. Bring Back the Yard Sale.
Quickly on each:
Improve Transparency: Over the past few years our Boards have made a number of decisions and spent tons of our money on things that don’t do a thing to improve the quality of life at Lake Heritage. I propose that all major expenses, hiring new full-time employees and new policy be voted on by the entire membership using E Mail Referendums. As members we deserve to know how much we are spending on full and part time staff. All members need a see more than a pie chart indicating that we spend over $400,000.00 a year on salaries. Who is getting paid what? After a recent meeting with the Lake Manger I learned that he doesn’t know either. Why is this information a secret?

Lower the Dues: There is talk of yet another dues hike coming up in 2018. Recently I got a password for our website and looked how our money is being spent. In the last few years we hired a full time Community Manager, an Assistant Community Manager and an Assistant Security Manager. Here are some figures on salaries. In 2017 we spent over $150,000.00 on Administration, $154,000.00 on Maintenance and $209,000.00 on Security. Another shocking expense were almost $72,000.00 on improvements to the Community Center. Looking ahead to 2018 we have budgeted $30,000.00 for a new Ford F-250 pickup and $98,000.00 for playground equipment. Does this sound out of control to you? It does to me.

Bring Back the Yard Sale: Why was it cancelled? Security Paranoia. The board was convinced by the security chair that for 6 hours on one day of the year holding the yard sale would subject our community to unspeakable danger. I think it is about time that our security force that costs us over $200,000.00 per year could earn their money for once. So many of us were looking forward to turning our unwanted stuff into money. But unfounded security worries stopped that.
I’ve lived here for 37 years. I remember when we were a true community and people volunteered to improve life at Lake Heritage. I’d like to see that again.

Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors for the Lake Heritage Property Owners’ Association?

I want to speak for ALL the members of Lake Heritage. We need to get the dues under control so all of us can afford to stay in our homes. We do that by getting expenses under control.

What specific skill set that you possess would be an asset to the association?

Excellent communication skills.
During my 34 years with FEMA I developed training programs for hundreds of U.S. communities. I fully understand how government works.
Served as President, Vice President and steward for Local 1983 American Federation of Government Employees

What do you see, from the outside looking in, as the primary duties and responsibilities of a board member?

As a board member you need to look out for the interests of all LHPOA members. That includes their property values and making sure living here is affordable.

The Board of Directors meet generally on the second Wednesday of the month. Often there is a workshop preceding the Board meeting. You will probably be assigned a committee to chair, have monthly reports to write and attend other meetings scheduled as per need. Does this present an issue for you or does it conflict with other commitments?
Wednesdays are Clear