Pool Now Has Free WiFi

Contributed by George Thorsen

When you’re at the pool, connect to the LHPOA Members network, our free WiFi network!

There is the new free WiF hotspot at the Pool area and in areas surrounding the LHPOA Community Center. Anyone that is within range of the Network LHPOA Members can choose to connect to the LHPOA WiFi Internet connection without charge or login.

Tests were performed to measure the Internet speeds in terms of mbs (megabits per second). Here are the speeds in various locations around the Pool Area and beyond. Since this is a shared resource, it is hoped that members who login will not abuse the signal by streaming media. Typical activities such as emails, chats, web browsing are fine. The Internet speeds are measured in Megabits Per Second.

The signal range extends beyond the pool’s foot print and is as follows:

lifeguard chair (closer to building) 28.02 Mbs
lifeguard chair (farther from building) 24.9 Mbs
water fountain 25.47 Mbs
entrance to CC 5.07 Mbs
porch (closer to pool) 20.23 Mbs
porch (farther from pool) 20.23 Mbs
playground 13.41 Mbs
basketball court (center) 4.51 Mbs
shuffle board court (center) .29 Mbs

Dave Laughman of DL3 Systems, the association’s networking and equipment configuration consultant, assembles one of the access points that provides WiFi coverage of the whole pool area and beyond.

The Pool WiFi is part of a larger plan to replace the current microwave network connection between the office and the Gatehouse with a WiFi network. Our microwave equipment and technology are obsolete and we are looking to establish a more stable, modern and cost effective connection between two important nodes on our network, the office and the Gatehouse.