Pool Report July, 2016

Contributed by Beth Raub, Pool Manager

Operations at the pool have been going well.


Our staff of lifeguards is very strong and consistent. They have been very good at scanning while on the chair and have been very responsible with covering their shifts and securing substitutes when necessary. I have received a lot of compliments from our swimmers saying how impressed they are with the staff. They have been very helpful and polite. They have all been very receptive to my guidance and the supervision of Jordyn Border, the Assistant Manager, Morgan Riley and Annie Williams, the Head Lifeguards, and any one of the other guards that has been put in charge in the absence of any of the above.

We held an in-service meeting on Monday, July 11, 2016 from 8-10 pm. All but one staff member was able to attend. We practiced spinal back-boarding, talked about rules, went over some procedures, and made tie dye guarding t-shirts.

Property owners Agnus and Tom Reuter, Lot 616, made a very generous donation to the staff to use for something special, so we used the money to order pizza and brownies from Domino’s for our meeting. It was a great bonding experience for the team. I think it rejuvenated the whole staff!

Pool Rules

As a whole, our swimmers are getting used to the pool rules being enforced. We are working to educate our patrons on the importance of the rules and emphasize that the primary job of the lifeguards is to prevent accidents and injuries on our facility. Some of the rules are highlighted in the pool section of the August newsletter. One of the things that we are really trying to stress is that parents watch their children. There are still too many parents who put their kids in the pool and then don’t watch them. We have also found that too many non-swimming children are swimming in water over their heads. We continue to educate.

Swimming Lessons

Our swimming lesson program has been very successful. We ran three sessions of lessons this summer and I think the variety of offerings made it possible for more people to enroll their children. We have a total of 66 students participating.

The first session was held for two weeks in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Unfortunately, the weather was very chilly during this session and attendance wasn’t great.

The second session has been the most popular. It is currently running on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for three weeks. The first lesson begins at 6:30 pm, so this allows for families with two working parents to bring their kids. This session has not been without problems. During the first class the second group had to be postponed due to thunder. To make up for the lost time, we added an extra 15 minutes to the next two classes.

The final session of swimming lessons began on Saturday, July 9th and will run on Saturday mornings for 6 weeks. We are hoping for good weather!

Water Exercise

Dave Diehl continues to offer his morning water fitness classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Participation ranges from 8-10 people and everyone really seems to enjoy them.


I am happy to report that the balancing of the pool chemicals has seen a very big improvement over last year. I have been working closely with Brian Shaffer to keep things in balance. I check in at the pool every morning and check both the chlorine and pH in both pools. If any of the levels are out of balance, I leave a note for Brian and he addresses it when he stops in for his morning check. We have been keeping the chlorine slightly higher than in the past and have been able to avoid algae! Jordyn tests the chlorine in the afternoon and I test it again at closing. On the weekends Morgan and I usually test it. I believe that having only a few people doing the testing helps I get more consistent results. Our pool vacuum is AWESOME! It works really well and we always arrive to a very clean pool every morning! It was a very worthwhile purchase and really contributes to the cleanliness of our facility.

The staff works very hard every day to keep the pool, pool area, office, and locker rooms clean. We have an extensive checklist of tasks that are done every day. I have received MANY compliments about the improved cleanliness. People are very happy!

I have been working on power washing the pool deck. There was a lot of black algae on the deck, especially behind the diving board and around the slide. I plan to continue with the power washing until I have completed the whole pool deck. I work on this on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the pool opens. This is something that will be done next year in May before the pool opens.

The July newsletter encourages parents to remind their children to use the bathroom often and asks parents not to bring their kids to the pool if they are ill.

Everyone is disappointed when we have to close the pool for these situations.

We are very happy with our new computer! It is a huge improvement over the old one and can actually be used for more than payroll! Thank you!

Pool Parties

There have been several pool parties. Most of them have not followed the suggested two weeks advance reservations; however, because we now have two lifeguards on the chairs at all times, we have been able to accommodate them. I would like to review and possibly arrive at a new procedure for parties held during our open hours for next year. We have two after-hours parties scheduled in the coming weeks. The procedure for these seems to work well.

Pool Passes

We have been more diligent with asking people to show their pool cards, but many people just walk past the window and assume that the entire staff knows who they are and that they live here.

Following are some ideas for next year:

1. Require everyone to turn in their pool passes every time they come to the pool. We can keep them in an organizer and they would pick them up when they leave each day.

2. Place a portable divider in the entrance walkway to force people to walk in a more single file fashion in front of the window.


We are currently waiting for the completion of the lighting project. Hopefully this will open up more options for late night events.