Proposal for Inlet Filtration and Bacteria Treatment

Prepared For:  

Lake Heritage Property Owners Association

Prepared By: 

John Tucci President, Lake Savers, LLC.


Proposal for Inlet Filtration and Bacteria Treatment for Lake Heritage  

Lake Savers conducted an assessment of the major drainage coming into Lake Heritage in April for the purposes of developing a sediment and nutrient filtration plan to reduce the inputs that can cause algae blooms in the lake.

We also took samples for phosphorus at the main inlet.  These samples confirm that high levels of phosphorus are entering the lake from the main inlet.

x Above the Bridge – Total Phosphorus .26 mg/l

x Below the Bridge (Lakeside) – Total Phosphorus .46 mg/l

Also, the general Phosphorus trend in the lake is that it gets lower as you move toward the dam.  This is an indication that the Aeration System is mitigating some of the Phosphorus, but allocating a large portion of the bacteria budget to filtration makes sense to speed the recovery of the lake.


This document provides our recommendations for addressing sediment and nutrient inputs from the Main Inlet, Pleasant Trail inlet and Boat Launch inlet as well as the recommendation for Beneficial Bacteria Treatment for 2016.

Drain Filtration Recommendations 

Main Drain 

We will use a total of 5 thirty-foot Filtration Socks in the main flow way to increase the flow of water into the two existing sediment/settling basins.  In each Settling Basin, we will use a total of 3 twenty-foot Filtration Socks to increase ponding of water in the Settling Basins and to filter the water coming out of the Settling Basins.

Finally, we recommend the application of 150 Nutrizorb Bags in this area to filter dissolved Phosphorus and Nitrogen.

Pleasant Run 

Pleasant Run is a relatively simple drain to mitigate.  We will use the existing box culvert for placement of 5 ten-foot Filtration Socks to reduce sediment and Nutrient Loading from this inlet.

Boat Launch Drain 

On the Boat Launch Drain, we recommend utilizing Filtration Socks up by the retention pond to encourage settling in that area and then using Filtration Socks and Nutrizorb at the Boat Launch Drain as a final filtration area.

We will use a total of 3 seven foot socks and 5 five-foot Filtration Socks in the retention pond area.  We will use 5 twenty-foot socks and 50 bags of Nutrizorb by the Boat Launch.

Beneficial Bacteria Treatment 

We recommend application of 500 lbs of Beneficial Bacteria Treatment as follows for the Summer Season:

June    150 lbs

Early July   200 lbs

Late July   150 lbs


Total Cost is within our budgeted amount of $20,000.