Random Acts of Kindness

by Sue Heller, Webmaster

Through their acts of kindness, LHPOA members find ways to support each other during this time of national crisis. From the offers of going to the grocery store for neighbors to postings on social media with helpful information, it has made confinement a little bit more tolerable for all. Occasionally, during a walk, you might discover artwork with words of encouragement drawn on a driveway, a random painted rock, or pictures of hearts and animals posted in windows to find during scavenger hunts. From a small refrigerator, an outside book exchange is created for all to enjoy. A pastor has sunrise Easter service with neighbors in lawn chairs spread across his front lawn. Bags of freshly baked cookies are left on doorsteps by some, while others safely pass on puzzles they’ve completed to others.


Neighbors and friends of Frank “Paco” Gracia were determined to make his 100th birthday special by decorating their cars with signs and balloons, honking their horns as they drove up to his house. They stood by their parked cars in his driveway and sang Happy Birthday while maintaining proper social distancing.


Click on the link below to watch
Singing Happy Birthday to Paco

And let’s not forget the LHPOA members making masks for those working in hospitals and emergency services.  We also showed our appreciation for these same workers by placing lights on our front steps and making noise around the lake in the evening.


These are just a sample of the everyday random acts of kindness that are happening around Lake Heritage. They might seem small by themselves, but together they show that we live in a remarkable community.