Contributed by Mike Hanson, Community Manager

We occasionally get questions about where to recycle electronics. A recent communique for the Adams County Planning Office informed us know that the Washington Township Transfer Station in Waynesboro is again accepting electronic devices for recycling. The planning office provided us with the following information from the Washington Township website:
From the Washington Township Transfer Station’s webpage at: http://www.washtwp-franklin.orgitransfer-station/



Accepting Electronics

Again we are going to start taking Electronics for recycling again at the Transfer Station
starting October 5th with the following conditions:
· There will be a $0.50 per pound charge with a $15.00,
· (3o lbs) minimum charge. All electronic items will be weighed.
· This program is available to anyone. It is not limited to Washington Township residents.
· No limit on how many items are brought in at one time.
· We will receive electronic items ONLY on Fridays and the first Saturday of the month.
· Cash or check only at this time. (We will be taking credit cards soon)
· Any of the above conditions are subject to change if the program becomes too costly or if conditions change in the overall recycling environment or if our staff becomes overwhelmed with the processing.

If you have questions about what electronics are being accepted, contact the Transfer Station directly.

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