Regatta 2017

Reported by Ernie Clevinger

The annual Lake Heritage Regatta is traditionally held on Labor Day weekend. Overcoming weather related obstacles, the Regatta amazed spectators with feats of aquatic thrills and spectacles. The Regatta as an event goes back decades. It is a chance for all association members, their families and guests to enjoy and experience “lake living” at its finest. There is a broad spectrum of activities, some on land and others on the lake.

Here are the results of the Regatta competitions. They were thoughtfully provided by Ernie Clevinger who coincidentally is the winner of the Men’s Bowling Competition. Ernie has told us that information about the 2017 will be trickling out so this page will be updated accordingly.

Here is a list of the Regatta winners in various competitions.

Regatta Winners 2017