Contributed by Ernie Clevinger

The 2017 Lake Heritage Bowling Competition was held on August 4 at the Edgewood Bowling Lanes. We had a total of eleven bowlers ranging from age 2.5 up to mid-80s.

I would like to thank all the bowlers who came out for a fun evening. In the women’s class, Nina Dolly came in first, followed by Shirley Clevinger second and third place went to Ruby Hood. First place in the men’s class was Ernie Clevinger, followed by John Leino, and third place went to Tom Dolly. In the youth class, Finn Hines was first, followed by Murphy Hines second. Rounding out the classes, in the Tots class was Casey Hines. Gift cards from the Friendly Restaurant were awarded to all the winners.

If you like to bowl, please think about joining us next year. You can invite your friends and family for a fun evening at the bowling alley. Again, thanks to all who participated.