Report from Governance Committee: January 2019

Contributed by Richard A. Ginnever, Chairman of the Committee

In other works, the Committee, along with the Nominating Committee, held a special meeting and provided all six nominees for election to the Board of Directors (BOD) a summary of our rules as listed below:

 - No signs of any kind are permitted on any lot without the written permission of the BOD.

 - No materials may be placed in any members' mailboxes.

 - No materials may be handed out at the gatehouse.

 - No materials may be place on any Member's property without the written permission or request of the lot owner.

 - No member of the BOD may use position as a Board Member to influence the election of any candidate to the Board.

Finally, the Committee is close to accepting new language in the R&Rs that will broaden the definition of who is entitled to privileges within the Lake Community. We look forward to sharing our work with you.