Representative Wanted | White Run Regional Municipal Association

Contributed by Nina Dolly

The White Run Regional Municipal Association needs a representative from Mt. Joy Township. Joe MacDowell’s term was up in Dec. 2017 and he decided to put more effort into his other interests, so we need someone willing to serve right away.

Any one interested must go to the Mt. Joy Township meeting and apply to be a board member. If there are more than one, the township will choose.

It is an easy job. Rarely does the third Wednesday of the month meeting exceed its 7:30 -9:30 p.m. time slot. Once in a while, there is an executive meeting. You will be paid $40.00 for each Wednesday meeting that you attend. You don’t really need to know much about sewage, it is a business like most others.

The reason for the vacancy is that I am planning to move out of the area in a couple months, so, a second representative will be needed. I would like to see Lake Heritage represented.

Current members on the board are Donald Hubbard, Donald McKnight, Randy Parmentier, Nina Dolly. There are three full time employees. The manager, secretary, three engineering companies and a lawyer attend the meetings in addition to the board members.