Results : Board of Directors Election 2017

Contributed by George Thorsen, Nominating Committee Chair

The three candidates with the highest vote count in the 2017 Board of Directors Election are listed below in alphabetical order:

Beth Bauer
Ernest C. Clevinger
Tom Gary

It was a very close finish. In some instances only a few votes separated candidates. The number and quality of candidates in any election is indicative of the association’s vitality and civic health. I do count myself fortunate that eight busy members have stepped up to the plate to offer their services. Where would we be without them?

A special thanks goes out to the Nominating Committee for tallying the ballots. Present are: Ruby Hood, Laura Majeczky, Judy Watt. Karen Richard, our fourth committee member, stepped out of the picture for a moment. Barbara Keyton was the second board member to witness the election. Stephanie Ecker, our Assistant Community Manager, prepares and handles election materials that the Nominating Committee tallies.

Few know better than I how a couple of votes separate candidates in the vote tally. (Yes, it happened in this election.) Three or four or five votes often make a critical difference.

In my book an election with three openings and three candidates is not much of an election. Because we had eight fully qualified candidates each approaching the office from a different perspective, we got to choose, not settle.