Board of Directors Election 2018 Results

Contributed by George Thorsen, Nominating Chair

Dave Moulton and Craig Dresser are seen here reviewing ballots.

A record breaking number of ballots, 379, were submitted in the 2018 Board of Directors Election. The Nominating Committee crunched the numbers and we identified the top three vote-getters among the six candidates who will begin their service as directors at the Association’s Re-organization meeting on Monday, April 2, 2018 in the Community Center at 7 p.m.

Stanton Braun, Michael Caywood and Peter Vogel are the top three vote-getters.

Stephanie Ecker, Beth Bauer and Elizabeth “Biz” Gomer are checking the ballots for signatures. Stephanie Ecker, our community manager, administers the election and provides the Nominating Committee with continuous support.

While they have “won” the election, no one has really lost. I thank everyone for giving the association a chance to select and not just settle. If you would like the complete results of the election which include vote count and other election related information, it will be in the Password Protected area of our website.

Also I want to thank the Nominating Committee composed of Beth Bauer, Elizabeth “Biz” Gomer, Dave Moulton, Eric Meyer, and Craig Dresser for working into the later part of the evening to get this job done carefully and expeditiously. In addition, we owe a debt of thanks to Stephanie Ecker, our assistant community manager for attending to so many of the election’s details.

To view the certified results of the election, you do need a login to the password protected area of the website. Here is the link to the official results but you will need a user and and password. Available only to association members. Click here to request a login:

Official Results