Riparian Buffer Planting Plan

Contributed by George Thorsen

Here is a compilation of several videos that I took with my cell phone for our Tree Trek made on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

Four LHPOA directors made the trek. The video is a bit more than eight minutes long so I do hope that members do not find it tedious to watch.

As you may know Lake Heritage Property Owners Association owns acres of land some of which are wet and natural drainage areas. They lack vegetation in the form of trees and shrubs and have been known to flood.

The Riparian Buffer Planting Plan proposes to populate this property with large trees, small trees and shrubs, riparian buffer species, aimed at controlling erosion, reducing the chance of flooding and securing the banks of running streams of water that pass through this land. I will not comment on the aesthetic improvement but that would be a logical extension and valuable byproduct of the project. I would refer to the plan as a thoughtful intervention by landscaping professionals or giving Mother Nature a helping hand.

In case you don’t know why green ash trees are slated for destruction please (some neon ribbons are visible indicating removal) read the following:

The purpose of the video is simply to give you a feel for the land in question. The properties are scattered about with seven on the east side of the lake and four on the west side. Often the pieces of land are very irregular in shape but share a characteristic of being wet to moist. Often overhead power cables pass overhead which do not permit planting beneath the electric lines.

More news about the Riparian Buffer Planting Plan will follow.