Riparian Buffer Planting Project

Contributed by Michael Caywood

Planting for the Riparian Buffer grant project is currently in progress.  You may notice tree shelters and stakes popping up on some of our LHPOA property.  A Riparian Buffer is a vegetated area (plants, shrubs, trees) near a stream. 

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to see all of this project’s details. This will include the plantings, a map and pictures.

Riparian buffers act to intercept sediment, nutrients, pesticides, and other materials in surface runoff.  This is a step towards improving the health of our lake.  This effort to plant buffers began back in 2017, in coordination with the conservation district.  During the initial planning, we were looking into a grant that involved matching funds from the community.  With help from the conservation district, we were able to find and obtain a more favorable stream relief grant to cover the full cost of the project, which includes planting on just over 9 acres of Lake Property, near stream and runoff areas.  For more information on the project scope, please reference the LHPOA Planting Plans document posted on the Lake Heritage website and portal.

Click on the link provided to see the details of the Riparian Buffer Planting Project.