Road Clean-up Saturday : August 11, 2018

Contributed by Matt Veridrame

It is that time of year when we all start thinking “What can I do for excitement and how can I help the community?”  You are in luck; we have the perfect solution to your dilemma.  The Lake Heritage Road Clean-up day will be here again on Saturday, August 11.  The excitement of searching for treasures as you walk along Baltimore Pike combined with the knowledge that you are improving the entire community is absolutely soul inspiring.

Try out for the team. No one gets stuck on the bench!

The previous road cleanup in June featured the cleaning prowess of a gang of eight tenacious pickers and stuffers.  Our thanks to Brian French, Dana and Frank Klem, Agnes Reuter, Linda Bennett, Gabriel Pecatis, as well as Ila and Matt Verdirame the fearless leaders.  They cleaned the road so well that you might want to eat off of it.

So get on a pair of sneakers, sunglasses, comfortable clothes, and a hat and come out to help on Saturday morning, August 11 at 7:45.  We meet at the parking area by Shady Grove; if you get there early you can play on the pirate ship until it is time to start.   Then we will pick up our vests, bags, gloves, and assignments and get out to get ’er done.  We are usually done by 9:00.

We really can use the help, so please come out to help!