Road Clean-up Update October 2019

by Matt Verdirame

It was a banner day for the road clean-up crew as 14 hearty souls went out into the cold morning mists to make Baltimore Pike clean again. This was the largest turnout for clean-up in many a year.

This month’s crew consisted of previous workers Ila Verdirame, Linda Dresser, Linda Bennett, John Schear, Cindy Spinelli, John Spinelli, Kay MacDowell, and I. In addition, newcomers Linda Griffin, Larry Griffin, Thomas Shorb, Craig Dresser, Renee Trybula and Michael Trybulla rounded out the intrepid group of workers.

All Star honors go to Linda Bennett, who actually put garbage bags in her brand new car. Way to go Linda! The rookie award goes to her hubby Tom Shorb who picked up a new floor mat for his troubles.

The fishing club has been sprucing up this two-mile stretch of Route 97 for over 20 years. During those years, the cleaners have discovered so many incredible treasures. They have found bungees, good tools, working lighters, pocket change, and even a twenty-dollar bill. Of course, mixed in were dead creatures of many types (which they do not touch), old ripped clothing, tire shreds, cans, bottles, wrappers, bumpers, signs, and other stuff they could not identify nor did they taste very good.

While this was our last clean-up of the year, we will be at it again next spring to make the world a little bit more pleasant for everyone. So if adventure and discovery is your game, plan on helping us next spring. Everyone is invited; no one is turned away. Keep anything you want, and we will get rid of the rest.