Saturday Softball Goes Co-Ed!


Lake Heritage Softball is now Co-Ed.

Starting this Saturday, June 25, our LH Saturday Softball will be Co-Ed. If you are interested in softball, you are welcome to come and play. All ages…but… safety is the most important concern, and we are playing a competitive game. Athletic teenagers-and-up are welcome. We play by Senior Softball rules, which are summarized in another article available here on the website. Balls and bats are provided.

Last year we played against a local Gettysburg church team which was Co-Ed, and we all had a great time. We’d like to have enough players on Saturdays so that we can have two full teams (22 players) to compete.
Please do come out and give it a try!  See you on Saturday at 3.
Dave Moore
353 350-1419
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