Insider’s Guide to Understanding LHPOA Operation$

Contributed by Webmaster

Out of focus? Get a clear picture of how the association’s money is budgeted and spent. Look at the monthly reports and plan to attend the November 29, 2018 Town Hall Meeting.

In many ways, when someone looks at the home page of a website, any website, even of moderate complexity, much of the content is hidden. Users have to navigate several pull down menus or make a few clicks to find precisely what they want. A home page only has so many square inches of real estate so some compression or stacking is a must.

It has always been the association’s goal to give the members a very great deal of information about their operations, management, governance and finances. The word of the day is transparency. Because of the sensitive nature of the items found in the password protected area of the association website, access is not given to the general public.

If you as a LHPOA member want to delve more deeply into the association’s financial underpinnings, you need a log in to our password protected folder. What’s in this folder and why would you bother to get a login?

The Board of Directors’ monthly meeting minutes are posted in the password protected part of the association website as soon as they are approved.

You will be able to download the agenda for a Board of Directors’ Meeting instead of waiting for the actual day of the meeting. Maybe there is something that you very much care about that will be a matter of discussion. Maybe not.

The Assistant Community Manager or designate takes notes and generates minutes about what took place at the meeting. These minutes going back to 2013 are all archived in the password protected area of the association website.

If Financials are your thing, the Community Manager prepares a monthly balance sheet, a profit and loss vs. budget worksheet and a profit and loss vs. prior year worksheet. This will let you see the current state of the budget from three slightly different perspectives. Is the association healthy and living within its means or not? It’s all spelled out on downloadable worksheets in black and white. If long range investigation is on your agenda, you may download the 5 year capital plan. If you are interested in how association money is spent and for what reasons, you may download the Fiscal Year Budget.

If you want to get below the tip of the iceberg and do some serious looking, request a login by clicking on:

Besides an online resource to track the association’s finances that goes back to 2013, there will be a Town Hall Meeting Thursday November 29, 2018 @ 7 p.m. in the Community Center. The Chair of the Finance Committee, Tom Gary, will give a presentation of what to expect for the coming year and beyond.