Siberian Express Strikes Lake Heritage

Contributed by webmaster

As webmaster I occasionally receive tips for photo opportunities or actual photos from association members. This post is more for members who have sought refuge in southern climes and have not been subjected to this prolonged Siberian Express which has brought historical cold to the Susquehanna Valley and many other parts of the country.

Young skaters take to the ice to practice their hockey skills. Kathy Evans, a veteran lake watcher, gave me the tip that a game was underway.

Dan Tapper, a LH member set up a personal weather station in his back yard on the lake’s shoreline. The temperatures are positively frigid. Two groups that are not complaining about the frigid conditions are the young fellows who cleared a parcel of the lake’s frozen surface to play ice hockey and the deer. According to Dan’s station, the average temperature for the last five days has been 16.1 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of 10.2 degrees. If your freezer acts up, your garage will be cold enough to make ice and keep your favorite ice cream from melting.

In the last five day’s, the high temperature was 22 degrees and the average was only 16. The low temperature was barely in the double digits.

No word from the fishermen who are rumored to drill a hole in the ice to catch the one that got away this summer. If you are one or know of one get back to me and I will add to this post. Looking ahead a week, it looks like this extreme weather will break on or about January 8, 2018 when temperatures will burst through the freezing mark for the first time in two weeks. This is just in time for the Community Blood Drive. Until then, try to stay warm and cozy.

Three deer are on the ice. Maybe they’re looking for food. Photo contributed by Rick Franzese.


Here is a close up of the deer walking on the lake’s ice cap. Photo submitted by association member, Paul Schneeloch.