Soup, Salad and Bingo : Fun Filled Fiesta for All


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The Fishing Club ironically has very little to do with fishing. Its roots according to legend dates back to informal meetings of “a few guys” who enjoyed fishing and beer. As time passed, any gender bias and fishing skills fell by the wayside. Now the only fish in Fishing Club is the occasional tuna spread served as an hors d’oeuvre preceding the monthly meeting.

Besides being a social group consisting of about one hundred members, the Fishing Club generates a considerable amount of money for charitable causes. They finance scholarships for high school graduates going to college, donations to our local fire departments and contributuions to the Fireworks fund and restocking the lake annually with fishlings.

The congenial group is also a de facto source and spawning ground for volunteers that do everything from picking up accumulated trash at the front entrance to planting flags along the entire perimeter of the lake along Heritage Drive. Many “random acts of kindness” simply would not take place without the Fishing Club acting as a catalyst.

To raise money the Fishing Club is ready to roll up its sleeves and offer the residents of Lake Heritage various culinary and entertaining experiences, one of which is the annual soup, salad and bingo extravaganza. As its name would imply, a residents plops down a few bucks, eats their fill of several delicious and home made soups, tucks in to some health salad and after dinner gets into the charm and excitement of a high stakes (well, maybe not that high) bingo.

Allow me to stop here although I could go on and on about the virtues and contributions of the Fishing Club. Let me plug the organization which meets every second Friday of the month in the community center at 6 pm. We welcome all. No need to fish or even like fish.

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