Spaghetti Bingo : October 27, 2017

Contributed by the Ruby Hood
One of the most misunderstood clubs in Lake Heritage is the Fishing Club. The name suggests that its members are all hard core, avid fishermen who swap tales about the “one that got away” over a few beers but that’s not what we are. The Fishing Club is a group of Lake Heritage residents who get together every second Friday of the month for a pot luck dinner mostly to have a good time. They do, however, provide some funds in the thousands of dollars level to restock the lake with fishlings but that’s where the “fishing” ends.
The club gathers together members of the lake community who want to eat, chat and share a few drinks with their friends and neighbors. There are a a slate of officers headed up by a president and vice president and assisted by a treasurer and secretary.
Members decorate the community center with a seasonal theme and everyone contributes a dish or appetizer to the pot luck dinner. Fishing Clubbers generate funds for scholarships and our local fire departments and often respond to a request for a help in an emergency situation. The club is about 90% social and about 10% business. Dues for a couple are $30 per year.
To support its campaign of giving the Fishing Club hosts fund raising activities such as the Spaghetti/Bingo Dinner. In this event, the guests (no need to be a member of the Fishing Club) have a plate of delicious home cooked pasta with a meaty bolognese sauce, bread and salad and then, get down to brass tacks and let the bingo balls fly out of the basket bent on winning cash and fame.
If you are curious about the Spaghetti/Bingo night, it’s going to be this Friday, October 27, 2017. An excellent repast will be served from 5:45 pm until 7 pm and Bingo will begin at 7:15 pm. The entire cost for this evening will be $25. For the veteran bingo enthusiasts, an extra card is available for $5 extra. Cash payout are determined by the number of players.
There is a minimum age of 21 to play bingo but pasta eating has no minimum age.
You are welcome, your family is welcome and your friends are welcome.
If you need more information about Spaghetti Bingo night, call Ruby Hood 717 334-4167.