Stanton Braun

Name: Stanton Braun
Street Address: 930 Johnson Drive
Town/City: Gettysburg
State: Pennsylvania
Lot number: 930

Personal Background:

My wife Patti, and our three boys, have been Lake Heritage residents for the past four and a half years. We moved here from Wisconsin, first renting in the Lake for 18 months and then purchasing a foreclosed home, of which we fully remodeled, continue to improve, and have resided in for nearly three years.
I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran and UH-1N Crew Chief that was able to transfer my Military training to the Civilian world. For the last fourteen years, I have worked for a local helicopter company, Haverfield Aviation. I began as a field Mechanic for the first nine years. When the opportunity arose, I was promoted and transitioned to the corporate office in Gettysburg as the Production Manager. It was at that time our family discovered and moved to Lake Heritage, as my wife likes to call it, “kid heaven”. Two years later I was promoted to the Director of Maintenance and have been doing that for the last three years. I love the complex challenges that my work offers and my ability to contribute to my company’s success on all levels.
Education (Optional):
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


My family and I have enjoyed experiencing the life at the Lake and have come to know many different neighbors in the Lake community. We have attended several Board Meetings in an effort to raise our personal awareness of our community. We helped on the fund-raising committee with efforts to build the Bob Bates Dog Park, which also helped us in getting to know the neighbors, and residents better. We have enjoyed the Memorial Day tributes which honor our neighborhood Veterans, the Pancake breakfasts, summer kickoffs, fireworks, Regatta’s and Super Bowl parties.
I feel as though I can make a positive contribution with my professional knowledge of budgeting, logistics, maintenance and common sense. I am committed to serving this community, supporting great ideas, offering a fresh perspective and approach in an effort to help maintain the community and elevate everyone’s experiences and property values.

Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors for the Lake Heritage Property Owners’ Association?

I am interested in running because I feel this is a great established community, and I feel I can have a positive effect with a new, fresh outlook and perspective. There are many issues that I feel I can be a part of a solution for, including the increasing annual dues, the elevated building permit fees, which can hinder the ability for residents to maintain their properties. Our neighbors are valuable resources with vast and varied backgrounds. I would like to develop a community service program that would serve our community and those in it. Volunteering creates a natural sense of accomplishment as well as self-confidence and pride. My goal is to help build the unity within this community and continue the growth and longevity of the Lake Heritage.

What specific skill set that you possess would be an asset to the association?

I am a hardworking, roll up my sleeves, budget minded, forward thinker. I use common sense as my guide. I feel I am optimistic, open minded and have a creative approach to challenges. I am solution driven and like to follow things through.

What do you see, from the outside looking in, as the primary duties and responsibilities of a board member?

I see the board members as a voice for the residents. Putting an emphasis on being available to have those conversations and hear those concerns. I feel the Community can benefit as a whole from a fresh perspective and an action oriented individual like me.

The Board of Directors meet generally on the second Wednesday of the month. Often there is a workshop preceding the Board meeting. You will probably be assigned a committee to chair, have monthly reports to write and attend other meetings scheduled as per need. Does this present an issue for you or does it conflict with other commitments?