Strategic Planning Committee : January 2017 Update

Contributed by Ed Wargo

Strategic Planning Committee Survey

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The button above connects to an archived post from March 2016 which reported on the survey that drove the Strategic Planning Committee’s thinking. The report below is hard to appreciate outside the context of this survey.

Strategic Planning Committee Report January 2017

The Strategic Planning Committee met on January 3rd to continue with a GAP analysis* relative to the primary focus areas identified in the strategic plan. To date, we have completed analyses of Financial, Safety and Security and Lake and Dam.
Focusing on the major areas addressed in the community survey completed last year, initial assessment shows primary gaps related in financial management to be (i) a need to expand capital reserves in order to fund additions and new programs. Current capital reserves, while strong, do not allow for additional expenditures, (ii) no provision for “rainy day” fund, and (iii) need for improved communications.

Safety and Security assessment indicated that improvement in the current gate/entrance could be improved with the application of technology (Optical Character Recognition). On a more long term basis, the possibility of a traffic flow redesign might be considered. Also, it was determined that adoption of technology could also be used in other places throughout the community, e.g., using electronic speed monitors.

Lake and Dam Gap analysis identified the lake as not meeting standards for a healthy ecosystem. As the lake is inarguably the primary asset in this community,
it is apparent that goal 1 needs to be restoration of the lake to a sustainable environment. Short and long term actions include reducing and maintaining phosphorous at an acceptable level and controlling watershed pollution of the lake, including that contributed by the community. Action plans will be developed to address this issue.

The dam and spillway are not in compliance with state regulations. This issue is currently being addressed by the board. However, given the uncertain future cost of compliance, the board will have to ensure adequate funds available in the event any major renovations are necessary.

Notwithstanding, dam renovation, the spillway will likely require work within the next few years. Again, this will require funds not readily available and will have to remain a focus of the board.

The committee will continue to identify gaps in the community’s seven focus areas as well as define a SWOT analysis to provide a platform for a long range strategic plan.

* In management literature, GAP analysis involves the comparison of actual performance with potential or desired performance.