Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) Report : November, 2018

Contributed by Beth Bauer

The SPC met November 1 at 6PM.  We have a dedicated committee of 9 who regularly attend the meetings, and we have two members who, although unable to physically attend, respond via email to our minutes.

At the November meeting we concentrated on revising and editing a portion of the Rules and Regulations that deals with property that is unsightly and in disrepair.  The Strategic Plan, adopted last March by the BOD, specifically recommended this action.  Now that we have completed this task, we will send it to Governance for review, revision and possible acceptance for inclusion in the new Rules and Regulations.

The committee also discussed the actions being taken to get our community involved in volunteering, another Strategic Plan recommended action.  You will see an email blast, signs at the front gate, and information on the website about helping out with “A Gettysburg Christmas Festival.”

Our last topic was the amenities survey.  Our plan at this time is complete the survey, share it with the BOD and get it to community members in the first quarter of 2019.


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