Strategic Planning Committee : Survey



Within the next few weeks each household will receive a link to an online survey created by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC). The households without email will receive a copy in the mail.

The survey’s purpose is to see what interest our lake community has in spending money for additional or improved community amenities. The project ideas included in the survey are ones that have been turned into the office or the SPC over many years. The SPC has developed the ideas enough to be able to get a rough estimate of cost.

The survey will describe what each project is, the rough estimate for each project and what the one-time cost per household will be, based on that estimate, to construct it. You will be asked to choose whether you strongly agree with doing each project, agree, are neutral, disagree or strongly disagree. The survey contains 10 projects, with two extra questions being asked about the last project if you answer agree or strongly agree. The survey should take you 5-10 minutes to complete. There is also space for you to write-in suggestions for projects that could be considered in future surveys and also space for your comments.

The SPC will greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. We need a lot of households to complete the survey in order to have a strong confidence level that the community is well represented in the survey response. The survey results will be statistically analyzed and the compiled results will be shared graphically with the community. The Board of Directors will use the compiled results to make decisions about whether or not to budget for these improvements in the future. The survey questions are shown below so you can begin to think about your response.


1. Concert Area: Improvements to the Fishing Point (the Point) to allow seating for community shows and/or concerts by re-purposing the shuffleboard court area into a concrete pad. No covered area. Cost Estimate: $7,500 total/$9 per household

2. Fishing Point Pavilion: Improvements to the Fishing Point (the Point) to build a pavilion cover over a portion of the shuffleboard courts and install picnic tables. If possible, leave one of the three shuffleboard courts. Cost Estimate: $19,400 total/$23 per household

3. Lakeview Pavilion: Construct a pavilion-similar to those at Paradise Cove, Goose Cove and Pleasant Cove-near the lake at the Lakeview Recreation Area (near the top of the spillway). Cost Estimate: $12,900 total/$15 per household

4. Paved Sidewalks: Addition of sidewalks to create a path from Hancock to Lee along Heritage. These sidewalks will accommodate those walking or biking to the pool or Community Center in this curvy, hilly section on shoulders by the Marina. Cost Estimate: $14,000 total/$17 per household

5. Fishing/Viewing Platform: Located at the north end of the lake, this platform would be used for fishing, taking in lake views, and improving safety. Cost Estimate: $10,000 total/$12 per household

6. Wading Pool Upgrades: These fixed items would be placed near the wading pool area. For example, an elephant that squirts water powered by a manually operated pump. Cost Estimate: $10,000 total/$12 per household

7. Water Park Features at Pool: Larger, non-manual features added to pool area such as a “splash pad” area or “mushroom spray” fountain. Cost Estimate: $75,000 total/$90 per household

8. Beach by Lakeview Recreation Area: Create a beach that provides an alternative to the pool and builds upon prior investment of installing the swim platform. The required work is primarily grading and importing sub-base/sand, and perhaps an added picnic table or two. Cost Estimate: $15,000 total/$18 per household

9. Installing Fence: Installing a fence along the south side of Heritage Drive from the Gatehouse to the bridge at the bottom of the spillway. Cost Estimate: $35,000 total/$42 per household

10. Community Center (CC) Addition: Construct an addition to the CC on the south side where the deck currently exists. This space could be used as an exercise room and would contain additional storage areas as well. (NOTE: for those who strongly agree or agree, a follow-up question will be asked). Cost Estimate: $75,000 total/$90 per household