spc…met Monday, February 1 with Ms. Carly Marshall, Comprehensive Planning Specialist from Adams County Planning Office, who assisted us with writing the survey and then independently compiling the data. We were quite fortunate to have her do this survey at no cost to our LHPOA.

Over 280 surveys were returned. I personally delivered all sealed envelopes to Carly at her new office in the Adams County Agricultural Building located across from the Gettysburg Campus of HACC.

The Committee members asked me to pass along their hearty congratulations to all who took the time to complete and return the surveys. This return number (280+) represents over one-third of our residents participated. The number may appear small to some, but when you investigate data return percentages of similar type surveys, it is quite impressive.

so whats next… you might ask. Here is the plan that we have already begun implementing:

1. Inform the community residents that we are in possession of the survey results and that the Committee has met with the Adams County Planning Commission Specialist. She answered our questions about the process she used to compile the data. Also, she offered suggestions for how we can best utilize the data and resident comments for community improvement.

2. The Chairperson of the SPC made a summary of the survey results at the February 10th BOD meeting and will continue to provide updates of Committee progress at all future meetings.

3. Committee members will compile results of all seven specific areas found in the survey and identified in our Strategic Plan. They will also review residents’ comments in each of the seven areas, prepare written reports, and then make presentations to the appropriate Board Director and his/her assigned committee.

4. After each presentation, the data will be shared with the Lake Heritage residents utilizing the website, the newsletter, email blasts, or “town hall” meetings.

quick action5. While all of this is happening, the Committee will be meeting more frequently to review residents’ comments and suggestions to see which ones can be accomplished in “quick-action fashion.”
We are hopeful that the resident participation that was strong for survey completion will continue to grow through increased attendance at monthly Board meetings, committee meetings and community activities and workdays. Because of your survey participation, the SPC Committee and Board of Directors can better work toward improving our Lake Heritage Community!