The History of Lake Heritage Pool House Children’s Mosaic

Contributed by Joe Pecaitis

In the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s, Lake Heritage began to experience some “community disrespect.” The office was vandalized and fires were started inside the plastic weather sluices, resulting in several thousands of dollars of repair. As Lake Heritage tackled these problems, the members also considered improvements to community spaces, which resulted in a series of new capital projects financed through an increase of dues. This consisted of but is not limited to the pool house and guardhouse that we currently enjoy.

During the summer of 2007, former resident, Julie Myers, orchestrated a movement to have the youth of Lake Heritage design and create a mosaic in hopes to increase awareness, appreciation, and commitment to the community.

Mosaic Facts:
The mosaic was created on the wall of the pool house during the summer of 2007.  The design was based on the Lake Heritage sailboat logo.  The dimensions of the mosaic are 14 x 8-feet or 112 square feet. There are over 45,000 pieces of porcelain tile in the artwork that was donated to the project by Gettysburg Dal-Tile. The subtle colors of the porcelain will not fade in direct sunlight. It took an estimated 400 hours to create the finished piece of work.

The Creation:
Once the design of the mosaic was sketched out on wax paper in a garage, the children broke up the donated tile before placing individual pieces within the intricate design. The mosaic was then divided into sections before being placed on a trailer and transported to the pool house.  Once the sections were cemented to the wall and cured, the 14 x 8-foot mosaic was grouted.

Since 2007, the mosaic has not lost one single tile.  It was created for present and future generations of Lake Heritage community members to enjoy.

People involved:
Julie Myers, Cali Umbaugh, Joseph Pecaitis, Darrin Myers, Levi Baker,  Joe Pecaitis, Issac Myers, Madison Pecaitis, Michele Pecaitis, Sherri Umbaugh, Shawn Abma, Sally Abma, Barry Umbaugh, Maria Foster, Jeremy Allinger, Nico DeAngelo, 2007 LHPOA Board Members, Zach Kick, Logan Hyde, Cameron Bishop, Bill and Beth Caywood, Justin Smith, Reed Miller, Gabe Pecaitis, 2019 LHPOA Board members, Marie Grenchik, Dillon Bishop, and Kassidy Ouressoren.