The Lake Heritage Fishing Club Veterans’ and Members’ Initiative

The Lake Heritage Fishing Club Veterans’ and Members’ Initiative | Contributed by Len Ferrara, March 15, 2016

Where can you live in a small private village that won’t grow much more, thereby keeping its warm, friendly, neighborly atmosphere? A village that provides a lake that is walking distance for all its residents to boat, fish, sail, swim, waterski, an annual regatta with fireworks and more. If you live on the East side of the lake you will see some of the most beautiful sunsets in America. A village that provides something for everyone! There are wonderful playgrounds, a swimming pool and a first class community building for the residents to use for parties weddings, and meetings, etc. Also, there are community organizations, the Women’s Club, Ski Club, Bridge Club, exercise programs and the most popular organization, the Lake Heritage Fishing Club. The Fishing Club does some fishing but also sponsors other programs for which the entire community is appreciative and proud. They support the LHPOA Board in maintaining the water quality of our lake and help in providing a good balance of species in the fish population. They provide college scholarships along with the Women’s Club, to local high school graduates, donate to the Regatta fireworks. They help support four local fire companies, library, food bank and road clean up.


The Lake Heritage Fishing Club (LHFC) recently took on a new initiative called The Lake Heritage Fishing Club Veterans’ and Members’ Initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to help support veterans living in Lake Heritage who may be having issues and could use some financial help or other forms of support.  The (LHFC) has donated $1,000.00 and an additional $500.00+ has been raised from donations from fishing club members.  A combat boot “The Boot”, highly polished and donated by Bob Hood is now present at all fishing club events.  It is used as the receptacle to hold donations during fishing club activities. “The Boot” can also be found at the LHPOA office during all business hours.  Within the Fishing Club there is a committee made up of long time members and who are all ex- military.  They have contributed to their country and now feel very strong about giving back to our community.

The purpose of this committee is to identify residents of Lake Heritage in financial need or to recognize individuals who have provided the community with good and helpful service.  The committee will then respond as reasonably as possible.  We may have a neighbor who needs transportation to a medical appointment, a cooked meal or just a home visit.  We can do that!  There may be financial help from “The Boot” to help pay for a prescription, a medical or dental appointment.  If you know of a veteran or resident within Lake Heritage who may benefit from this program, please let the committee know.   Additionally, the committee may recognize the financial need of a wounded warrior outside the lake but within Adams County.

If you are not a member of the Lake Heritage Fishing Club and the nature of the club is something you would like to be a part of, I suggest you attend one of the monthly meetings held the second Friday of the month at the community center.   You will get a great free meal and find a wonderful social and caring group of your neighbors.

These are just a few reasons why there is no place to live like the beautiful small village of Lake Heritage, Gettysburg, PA.