Update on Condition of the Lake

Contributed by Matt Veridrame

As I am, many of you are very concerned about the condition of the lake.  We have been experiencing an algae bloom which has put a wide area of filamentis algae across the top of the lake.

This algae is there due to a number of reasons.  We have been experiencing an almost daily dose of rain and therefore runoff from the watershed.    This runoff contains the nutrients that feed this algae bloom.  This combined with the recent clarity of the lake, which enabled sunlight to reach the bottom of the lake, allowed the algae to grow off the bottom.

This algae grows up off the bottom, releases then floats to the surface.  There it would usually last a few days, then run out of nutrients, and die out.  But with the inflow of more nutrients, it is able to continue to thrive.  Most of what you see is the filamentis type which is stringy and a total nuisance.   Although not considered harmful it is good practice to limit your exposure to any algae, especially for children and pets.

So what are we going to do about this algae?  Remember, we are now concerned with the long term health of the lake biosystem so we are not going to treat it with copper sulfate which may get rid of it quickly while not being concerned with the harmful effect copper sulfate would have on the total lake and fishery environment.  We are going to do the proper thing for the long term health of the lake.

So what is our plan?  On Monday and Tuesday next week,  Lake Savers our aeration contractor and lake treatment company, will be delivering and installing the filtration socks at Plum Run, Pleasant Cove, and the boat launch areas.  This will not get rid of the algae right away but hopefully it will help control the inflow of new nutrients into the lake.  At this time together with lake Savers we will evaluate the situation and develop a treatment plan for the algae.  This may include physically removing the algae from the lake, treatment with a different type of beneficial bacteria, and/or other options which we will decide upon when they are here to see the lake condition up close and live.

Meanwhile I ask you and also thank you for your understanding to bear with us and ride this out.  Believe me we are doing what we consider are the best practices to ensure the long term health of the lake and fishery.

Matthew Verdirame –  Lake and Dam Committee