Update on Digital Newsletter

Contributed by Beth Bauer

February was the first edition of our newsletter in digital form.  The digital edition was announced in prior newsletters and with a large sign at the entrance gate on February 1.

Reactions have been positive.  The office has emails for approximately 97% of our community members and through an email blast, members were notified that their digital newsletter had arrived!  The office printed 150 hard copies and placed these in brochure boxes outside the office and at the bulletin board by the front gate.  Approximately 25 hard copies were picked up by residents.  The office also mailed 26 paper copies to members who live outside the Lake and indicated to the office that they did not have an email address.  One paper copy was mailed to a housebound resident in the lake who does not have an email.

With the March edition, the office plans to have only 75 printed copies, saving more dollars of our dues money!  Overall, going digital is a money and paper savings for the community.