Update on Lake Conditions – June 2nd

by Mike Caywood, Chair of Lake and Dam

Algae growth was noticed, developing in certain spots, around Memorial day. We reached out to Lake Savers (the company that currently treats our lake).

As a result of the concerns, they were on the lake (5/28) to spot treat some areas with copper sulfate (an algaecide). We spoke to Lake Savers again on 5/29 and scheduled them to be on site this week (week of 6/1). While on-site, they are using their Biotreatment (controls algae by reducing algae food sources), as well as using copper sulfate to spot treat any blooms.

We have also scheduled our lake monitoring company to perform microcystin testing, on Wednesday 6/3, (results will be available and published to the community the following week). The microcystin testing is to measure one of the byproducts of blue-green algae and determine risk factors related to water quality.

See email from Mike Caywood re Update on Lake Water Quality on June 2, 2020, for further details.