Contributed by Michael Caywood, Chair, Lake and Dam

Microcystin results from the water samples taken on Monday 8/6 show a significant increase, compared to the results released on 7/27.
The lake water risk level should be considered High – Use extreme caution. High chance of algae contact.
The lake will not be closed. Boating and fishing should not be a problem, but caution should be exercised:
• No swimming or contact with the water where the algae is dense
• Keep small children (under 40 lbs.) and dogs out of the water, and
• Do not eat fish caught in the lake

The results from the 8/6 samples are below.
• Lake Heritage LH1 collected near the dam from a well-mixed area: 114.60 ug/L
• Lake Heritage from boat ramp cove: >5000.00 ug/L

As you know from our past advisories, LHPOA is presently unaware of any Pennsylvania standards as to what is safe or not safe, and that swimming, as always, is at everyone’s own risk. It recommended that people avoid swimming where there are visible algae
In an effort to take a more aggressive treatment approach, Copper Sulfate will be used to treat parts of the lake, on Tuesday 8/14. It is our hope that the use of Copper Sulfate will be more successful in reducing the algae blooms.
Water testing will continue to be performed twice a week and results will be sent via email and posted on the website as soon as we receive them. A notice that results are available will be posted at the entrance letting you know that the information is available.