Use of Heavily Armed Killer Drone to defend Lake Heritage

Contributed by George Thorsen, Technology Committee

If you believed the title of this post, I am afraid that you have fallen victim to CLICK BAIT.

CLICK BAIT is the use of unimaginable or outrageous headlines to attract readers. Well, you have my apology but, while you are on this page, maybe the “not so unimaginable” and “not so outrageous” below will hold your attention

The Technology Committee is testing ways to live stream LHPOA events in real time. John Doerr, a long-time committee member, made the suggestion that “perhaps” the time has come to experiment with the various software and hardware packages that enable streaming Lake Heritage events in real time. On a shoe string budget funded by the committee (not the association) the last Board of Directors meeting was live streamed in real time.

The committee used open source software, the YouTube streaming service and a Windows tablet mounted on a tripod as their basic equipment. The end product was a “not ready for prime time” but viewable streamed video. By default, the streamed video is recorded and that recording of the Board Meeting is available on a webpage currently unlinked to the site. To access the video, simple add /live to the association website’s URL making it Although this was the first board meeting streamed in real time, it may be worth the effort to stream board meetings and other events such as significant presentations.

None of the committee members had any previous exposure to videography so this is a project based on trial and error, clearly more of the latter. If you are interested in Technology or applying Technology more consistently and persistently within the association, do consider joining the committee. Attending meetings while preferred is not an absolute. The committee has associate members who make contributions as assistant web masters, photographers, “go to” consultants, etc.

We discuss a wide range of topics such as a Lake Heritage based weather station (yes, the link is on the website’s home page), the Free WiFi network in the community center (yes, we have it), a ceiling mounted LCD projector in the Community Center with a complementary sound system for movies and presentations (we hope to have it soon), the use of heavily armed killer drones to defend Lake Heritage association members and property (no, I am just pulling your leg with that one).

The committee will meet again on Tuesday August 8 in the community center at 7 p.m. Maybe you have something to offer the association in the field of Technology but have held back from volunteering until now. Other than the use of heavily armed killer drones, we’re pretty much up for discussing anything and have had some measure of success in actually getting a few things done.