Contributed by Beth Bauer

70 men, women, and children; 9 projects, 1 community. Priceless!

Volunteer Day on May 11, was a great success. This was the first such day in recent history at Lake Heritage, and hopefully it will become an annual event. Community Members came out on Saturday afternoon to work together, make new friends, and have some fun. The Strategic Planning Committee organized the day to foster a sense of community, one of the goals of the Strategic Plan and to spruce up the neighborhood!

We worked to clean and improve the Dog Park, to clean-up our Woodland Trail, to plant flowers at the pool and gatehouse, to refurbish the mosaic at the pool, to mulch and weed around the Community Center, to plant bushes around the White Run building, to paint the tennis backboard and sign posts, to till and rake the sand at the Point Playground, Volleyball Court and Shade Grove swings, and to rehab the picnic tables and kayak rack at Goose Cove.

And then we gathered for a pizza party at Shady Grove! Better yet, it did not rain on Saturday, May 11!

A big thanks goes to all who helped including Mike Hanson, Community Manager, and the maintenance staff who helped with preparations for the day.

Greg Howe, Bill Bauer, Keith Majeczky, Pat Thorsen,
Rick Franzese, Brian Sears, Phyllis French, Ernie Clevinger,
Biz Gomer, Betsy Meyer, and Eric Myer.

Ila Verdirame, Matt Verdirame, Agnes Reuter, Linda Dresser,
Cindy Spinelli, John Spinelli, Bob Kengla, Finn Hines,
Bill Smith, Stan Braun, Patti Braun, Gayle Kushner,
Matt Herkowski, Jack Herkowski, Sean Herkowski, Logan Carbaugh,
Brett Fonseca, Caroline Fonseca, Natalie Fonseca, Beth Caywood,
Carol King, Roy King, Pat Diehl, Deb Edgar,
Rose Bartlett, Kerry Abruzzo, Ann Ratay, Cindy Cipolli,
Anthony Hornbeck, Eden Brown, Terry Terrell, Steve Oakes,
Z Wagner, Steve Gorman, Ashley Heintzelman, Phillip Clifton,
Larry Griffin, Linda Griffin, Larry Griffin, Ron Brown,
Betty Brown, Dawn Franzese, George Thorsen, Pat Hinkle,
Lynne Schneider, Ted Demarest, Lynette Demarest, Pete Vogel,
Tom Shorb, Linda Bennett, Mike Babst, Tim Ercole,
Kim Ercole, Craig Dresser, John Doerr, Ed Kushner,
Tom Reuter, Joe Edgar, Art Edwards, Laura Carr,
Gary Weiland, Kathy Miller, Shirley Clevinger, Maggie Langdon,
and Jeff Langdon.