Volunteers In Action

Contributed by Leonard Ferrara

The men’s group of volunteers whose purpose is to maintain and improve the association’s outdoor spaces has formed again for the new season. The efforts are directed to improve the overall appearance of the lake, the common property and rec centers on the lake’s shore. Their efforts are to improve the value of our personal property as well. Members include Roy King, Ed Kushner, Bob Kengla, Howard Hellyer, Keith Majeczky, Art Edwards, Len Ferrara, Dick Purdy, Joe MacDowell, Larry Combs, Dave Moulton, Greg Howe, Bob Berkey, Roy Fauth, Mike Walters and Doug Rudisill. A wonderful lunch is provided by the Men’s Club head chef, Bob Hood and his boss Ruby. A social hour is enjoyed by all during lunch.

The informal name of the group is The Lake Heritage Men’s Club (whimsically named by Women’s Club president, Pat Thorsen). You probably have seen them working on various projects since the summer of 2016. All of the work is outdoors and the major focus of the job is yard work. The group’s endeavors complement our maintenance staff and give the grounds a certain neatness and polish that transcends the ordinary. One future project is to rebuild a wall which currently houses our association calendar which is located opposite the gatehouse. Job #1 is Shady Grove and the association property across the street from Shady Grove. Job #2 is Pleasant Cove, adding many of the features of Shady Grove, The volunteer work is self-funded and self-equipped but the association kicks in money for fertilizer, grass seed…the basic materials that need to be bought to do the job.

Just like the Marine Corp, they are looking for a few good men and women to join.  It’s a great chance to put your energy into making our community a better place and getting plenty of exercise.  Last year the group volunteered over 400 hours to help increase all property values, personal and community.

Interested?  Just show up at the next meeting.

Where?  Shady Grove, Wednesdays, 9 AM to 12 Noon.

Lunch provided at Noon.