Water Treatment and Quality

Contributed by Michael Caywood, Director and Chair of Lake and Dam Committee

The green that we are seeing appears to be the product of algae being killed off as it interacts with the most recent treatment from Lake Savers. This green is more visible due to the higher algae population in the water column, during the lake’s last treatment, the week of 6/24. Our Algae levels are measured in cells per milliliter. It is ideal to treat the lake when the cell count is below 100 per ml. Water tests show that the cell count was above 100 per ml during the last treatment.

However, the most recent readings are still less than a third of the high levels we saw in 2016. Basically, the 5 weeks between the most recent treatment and the prior treatment was probably a week too long.

The immediate plan is for Lake Savers to be on site this Friday (7/13) to spot treat the coves with a contact product, designed to knock the algae down. Then return on 7/16 to distribute a big treatment throughout the week.

To help us dial in our treatment schedule going forward, Lake Savers is going to provide us with equipment and training that will give us the capability to collect water samples to be tested. We will begin weekly testing, following the upcoming treatment. The weekly testing will allow us to track algae progression at much smaller intervals, instead of the snapshots we currently capture, during the scheduled treatments.

We believe these efforts will clear up the green spots we are seeing as well as provide guidance for a more effective treatment schedule.

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