White Perch Fish Kill | Update

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White Perch

Update on Fish Kill | On Tuesday our maintenance team will be collecting more dead fish for disposal. If homeowners collect dead fish, they may take them to the curb where they will be picked up.

Here is further information provided by Aquatic Environment Consultants:

Additional water testing was conducted on Friday. The hardness was 62.3 ppm, Alkalinity was 70 ppm and the pH was 8.3. All these parameters should be acceptable for the white perch. Dissolved oxygen levels ranged from 12.7 to 14.1 ppm, indicating good levels for fish survival. Almost all of the dead and dying fish were white perch. They are in a spawning period as was indicated by examination of dead white perch. Spawning can cause stress which can allow for fish to become sick and die.

Bill Kirkpatrick, president of Aquatic Environment Solutions does not think that there is any action that can be conducted which will stop white perch from dying. Also, as fewer white perch is one of the management goals, the loss of white perch can have a positive impact on the remaining fishery.

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